Environment, Society, Governance

As a responsible citizen, ESVAGT actively participates in creating a prosperous and sustainable future for the next generations. Therefore, ESVAGT has naturally engaged with the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with SDG #13; Climate Actions and SDG #14; Life Below Water, both embedded into ESVAGT’s corporate strategy as the goals where most impact can be made by ESVAGT.


ESVAGT is dedicated to reducing its CO2 emissions, wanting to become CO2 neutral by 2035 and to reach zero CO2 emissions no later than 2050.  


Striving to reduce emissions, ESVAGT has implemented more modern power systems on its vessels and replaced older and less fuel-efficient vessels for more modern vessels. Additionally, ESVAGT trains environmental conscience and motivates a lower fuel consumption behaviour in crews.


ESVAGT is spearheading the Green Vessel innovation project, where it is testing the practical use of alternative green fuels and battery technologies within ESVAGT’s SOVs servicing offshore wind farms.


Furthermore, ESVAGT has intensified a digitalization process with the aim of improving the efficiency and utilisation of its SOV fleet through intelligent use of data and, among other things, reducing the fuel consumption per working hour. 


ESVAGT is actively committed to reforestation; planting approximately 1.200 trees every year.